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NotCoin is gaining momentum on Telegram. The platform allows users to earn cryptocurrency through simple clicks, which may have real-world value. This way, one can avoid regretting missed opportunities in the future, as has been the case with Bitcoin. And now there is an opportunity to earn a significant amount of money.

It is advisable to attempt to earn coins while they are still free, rather than regretting not doing so later, as with Bitcoin!

Notcoin: complete guide

What is Notcoin?

Notcoin is a rapidly growing Telegram game where players earn Notcoin by clicking on coins. Players can join squads (Telegram channels and chats), invite friends, complete tasks, and climb the leaderboards.

How to mine Notcoin?

The game involves literally touching a coin on your phone screen.

  1. Everyone mines Notcoin.
  2. It’s free.
  3. It’s fun.
  4. Harness the collective power of the community.
  5. “It’s probably nothing” — Pavel Durov, the founder of Telegram messenger, based in Dubai.

How to mine a lot of Notcoin?

The game has improvements available by pressing the Boost! button

With the help of boosts you can upgrade your mining:

🔋 Energy Limit — increases the maximum energy reserve;
⚡️ Speed Booster — increases the speed of energy recovery;
👆 Multitap — increases coin mining in one click;
🤖 Auto-tap bot — mines coins while you are busy with other things or sleeping.

How to mine a lot of Notcoin?

During the game, a rocket sometimes falls out (turbo mode)

Catch the rocket, this is one of the main ways to become a leader. Multiplies the number of coins per touch and does not waste energy.

In addition, free bonuses are available to you every day:

🚀 Rockets — launches a rocket
⚡ Full energy — replenishes energy
💰 Free coins — gives free coins

Log into the game once a day to claim free bonuses, otherwise they will expire by the next day.

How to earn Notcoin?

Besides mining, there are several other ways to earn Notcoin.

🤝Invite frens — invite friends and get (big) bonuses for them
⭐ Onboarding – basic tasks for immersion in the game
🏆Leagues – bonuses for friends who move to a higher league
✨Specials – especially valuable tasks for immersion in TON and blockchain in general
🌐 Web3 world – introduction to web3 applications, which may be useful in the future

How to earn Notcoin?
Leagues and leaderboards

  • Leagues and rankings reflect progress in Notcoin mining.
  • Each league has its own point threshold, after which the player moves to a higher league.
  • There are five leagues in total:
    Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond.
  • Points are counted for each coin earned by clicking.

Leagues and leaderboards

What is a Squad?

Squad, squad, team are groups of players and communities in the game 🤝

Any public channel/chat on Telegram can be a squad.

Squads compete with each other and have an internal leaderboard.

For each Notcoin mined, you credit 1 point to the squad you are a member of. Points are not transferred from squad to squad.

You can invite the whole community to the squad and all new players will become your referrals. Bonuses work the same as when inviting a friend.

How to create or join a squad?

Squads are public channels and chats in Telegram; they are created automatically.

To join the squad, you need:

1. Go to the bot using the direct link
2. Send a link to the channel or chat you want to join

Another variant:

1. Click on the Join Squad button at the top of the screen in the game itself
2. A list with suggested squads will open, you can select one of them or click Other squads
3. By clicking on Other squads you will be transferred to a text bot, in which you will need to send a link to a public channel or chat.
4. Join the squad and get back into the game

In addition, you can join a squad from the leaderboard. Just click on the squad, its page will open, where there will be a Join button.

How to get an obscene amount of Notcoin?

Invite more friends.

On the main screen, under the coin, press “Frens”, then the “Invite a fren” button, choose who to send an invitation to in Telegram or copy the invitation link and share it on your social networks.

– Non-Telegram Premium user: You both receive a 2,500 Notcoin bonus.
– User with Telegram Premium: both receive 50,000 Notcoin.
– For each transition of your friends to the next league, you receive additional bonuses.

Level up Regular Premium
Silver +12,500 +125,000
Gold +25,000 +250,000
Platinum +50,000 +500,000
Diamond +100,000 +1,000,000

Cryptocurrency is exploding! Don’t miss out on the next big thing – start mining Notcoin today for free!

Notcoin is the exciting new Telegram game where you can literally earn cryptocurrency just by tapping on your phone. As Notcoin gains momentum, now is the perfect time to get involved and start mining coins.

With the rise of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, many people regret not getting involved sooner. Notcoin gives you the chance to avoid that missed opportunity and earn a potential fortune just by playing a fun, addictive game.

Mining Notcoin is incredibly simple – just open the Telegram bot and start tapping on the coins when they appear. The more you tap, the more you earn. It’s that easy!

As you progress, you can join Squads to team up with others and climb the leaderboards. Squads allow you to invite friends, complete tasks together, and harness the power of the community for higher earnings.

Notcoin also has Boosts you can activate to upgrade your mining speed and efficiency. For instance, Auto-Tap bots can mine coins for you automatically, even while you sleep!

The game provides plenty of other ways to earn Notcoin beyond tapping. You’ll get bonuses for inviting friends, completing onboarding tasks, and reaching new Leagues based on your points. There are also special tasks and introductions to blockchain applications.

Action: With Notcoin gaining momentum fast, now is the time to get started mining coins while they remain free to earn. Simply open the Telegram bot, start tapping on coins as they appear, and watch your Notcoin balance grow!

Go to the bot using the direct link

It’s fast, fun, and free – start playing today to avoid missing out on potentially huge future rewards. Build your mining power by teaming up with friends in Squads, activating Boosts, and completing tasks.

Take the first step now by opening the Notcoin bot and tapping your first coin. You’ll be mining cryptocurrency in seconds! Don’t let this opportunity pass you by – take action and start earning your fortune with Notcoin today!

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